Welcome to The Royal Pathways Inc.

Reclaiming Love and Compassion

The Royal Pathways Inc. directs all its efforts to be a leading example in society; love and compassion are big reasons why this has come to be.

To build a Richer Life, please enjoy our Educational Services and Natural Products.

Our Key to Success and Freedom is our ongoing Seminars which serve the community.  You will find many subjects of great interest.  Please call or email us so we may service you, your corporation, family and friends in every way.

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Our History

Wisdom instruction began in the 1980’s and in the 1990’s “Pathways Canada” was established.  The company moved into immediate expansion and is now known as The Royal Pathways Inc.  Advancing in many different directions including: Positive Self Help programs, Healing Modalities and Natural Health Products and much more.  Then in 1996 a division of The Royal Pathways emerged and a Yoga school opened in Chester, New Jersey. Our Royal Yoga school is known as “The School of Royal Yoga, Inc.”. In no time the expansion tripled including classes in California, Georgia, Massachusetts and the founding of a non-profit branch called The Center for Special Needs. The focus of this Center is on selfless service; it is also dedicated to instructing specialized Yoga curriculums for people of all ages, levels of physical and economic ability.

We invite you to explore our website to discover how ancient healing, Wisdom and natural wellness products for the body, mind and soul will complement your life style.

Please join us on “The Royal Pathway” to a Richer and Fuller Life! 


Upcoming Seminars

Our Seminars and Workshops are available for Group Bookings!

Call us to reserve today and we will make it happen for your corporation, team or other group!

For your Inner Expansion:

Invitation to Freedom
(our most popular seminar!)

The Laws of Karma

Discover Your True Life Path

Meditation and Contemplation

Life After Life

Introduction to Reiki

Yoga and Visualization

Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation

Yoga - Much More than Physical Exercise

Yoga and the Seven Chakras

Ancient Wisdom, Sister Sciences:  Ayurveda & Yoga

For Your Personal Enrichment:

Early Morning Yoga for Golfers - Everyone Welcome!

Adult Beginner Yoga

Chair Yoga

Children's Yoga (including Special Needs)

Children's Seminar

Be the Change - Young Adult Seminar

Wellness and Weight Loss

Stress Management

Deep Relaxation Techniques

Introduction to Vastu Design

Give Your Feet a Treat

Look Great and Feel Great

Healthy All Winter

Meals for Great Health

Meals with Vitality

Relax, Replenish and Renew Yourself

Just for Fun:

Creative Art Experience

Learn to Crochet (and Help the Earth too!)

Jewelry Making

Creative Holiday Design

Free Spirit Knitting

Special Programs:

Care for the Caregiver

If You Have Been Diagnosed With An Illness...

Understanding the Indigo Child

Emergency Planning

Family Emergency Preparedness

And More...

Our Companies
The Royal Pathways Inc

Our Royal Yoga –The School of Royal Yoga, Inc.

Not for Profit – The Center for Special Needs Inc.



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